Actuality Abroad

Changemaker Tours

Learn how local leaders are solving chronic problems in their own communities by experiencing the power of social enterprise.


The 2021 trip details are being finalized. Sign up below if would like to find out when you can register.

On each Changemaker Tour, we learn about our destination through the work of its LOCAL LEADERS.

Through daily meet and greets, site tours and workshops students gain
understanding about regional solutions to chronic social or environmental problems. Our focus
is on how individuals can take sustainable action in their own communities. We study their
work and discuss what lessons we can return home with. Adjacent to our learning adventures,
we take time to explore the popular attractions and cultural activities.


  • Experience a destination waaaaaaaay off the beaten path.
  • Meet changemakers who are actually solving chronic problems
  • Visit a new community each day and tour many kinds of operations
  • Befriend other conscious travelers in shared learning experiences
  • Partake in sustainable tourism adventures as part of your journey.