What is the difference? Documentary Outreach vs Storytelling Expedition

At Actuality Abroad, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling. Our unique educational travel experiences—Documentary Outreach and Storytelling Expedition—are designed to immerse participants in the art of documentary storytelling while exploring vibrant cultures and communities around the globe. While both trips offer incredible opportunities to develop storytelling skills, they cater to different interests and schedules. Here’s what sets each apart and what they have in common.


A story – at its core – is a telling of an event crafted to engage an audience.

What elements are essential to command attention?

In the realm of documentary filmmaking, you figure this out during the transition from research to planning. Creating the story summary is crucial moment, when you finally able to define the backbone of your narrative. This is not merely a step in the process; it’s an art form that involves weaving together crucial elements to ensure your audience is not just watching, but experiencing and engaging with your narrative.

Here’s how you can craft a compelling story summary that will serve as the foundation of your documentary production.


Shoot. Capture. Subject. Take. Trigger.

These words are starting to feel uncomfortable.

We used to love using them. They made us feel special. These words and others are the coded language we could speak, signaling to others ‘in the business’ that we belonged.

Yet, these words are inherently violent…

Wrap Report: Documentary Outreach to Guatemala 2023

In San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, June ushered in high hopes. Summer tourists flooded the small mountain town, igniting a bustling business scene. The annual town festival and a historic presidential election in June kept excitement levels soaring. Day and night, thunderous fireworks punctuated the countdown to these dual celebrations.

The rainy season was late in arriving, making for hot days, dusty, dry streets and dwindling public water reserves, underscoring the town’s delicate balance with nature.

Amidst this whirlwind, Actuality Abroad’s twenty crew members arrived, bringing cameras and curiosity, ready to document the vibrant tapestry of life, culture and change in San Juan la Laguna.