Actuality Abroad

Documentary Outreach

A four-week immersive workshop where travelers learn to produce short documentary films about global changemakers.

Travelers work together in creative crews to produce short documentary films. In every location, we focus on stories about changemakers working to solve social or environmental problems in their community. Serving as a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, or Editor our crews collaborate to make a short film from research to delivery in four weeks.


The best way to learn about our Documentary Outreaches is by signing up for the email series. You can expect more information on why we travel, how it works, where we are going and when you can apply to join us.

Travel with Actuality Abroad and learn to tell stories that matter.

Through on-location research and interviews, our crews learn to listen and seek to understand. The authenticity of the ethical documentary experience allows greater connection to a place and more meaningful work to be produced.

After researching the changemaker organization’s activities and impact through site visits and interviews, each crew selects a real life character to structure their documentary around. With instruction and mentorship from Outreach Leaders, the crew will capture the story of their character and reveal their world.

On location, the Outreach Leaders from Actuality Abroad oversee all projects. They coordinate travel logistics, lead educational briefings, conduct training workshops, support research, manage operations and also approve outlines, shot lists and other benchmarks in production. Our changemaker partners provide us a local liaison and translator for research and filming.





June 4th - July 2nd 2022

$3850 USD

July 9th - August 6th 2022

$3750 USD



week 1 – research

Crews meet daily for briefings, screenings and exercises on documentary filmmaking. Crews visit locations, scout operations, and conduct pre-interviews to gather information. The goal is to find an interesting character whose story would make a compelling documentary.


Crews shoot on location to capture the people, events, sounds, and environments necessary to tell their chosen story. Dailies are reviewed and critiqued in group sessions every evening. Editors work to complete a visual assembly.


Crews plan for production by developing a story summary and outline, as well as a schedule and a shot list. Workshops and shooting exercises are conducted by the Outreach Leaders to teach techniques in visual storytelling.


Editors take the film from rough cut to picture lock while their crew supports by organizing interview selects, sound design and press materials. Before departure, the local community is invited to join the crew for a screening of all completed documentaries.

weekend getaway

Our work week lasts Monday-Friday. Each weekend, each person can opt-in to a featured group excursion to visit popular attractions in the region or experience a thrill seeking adventure. People can also choose to take the break, relax and explore deeper into the nearby community on their own.