Actuality Abroad


Faculty-Led Field Study

Supporting educators in leading truly transformational student travel.

Actuality Abroad partners with educators to co-create shared travel experiences that unbox what it means to be a global citizen.

We believe that educational travel should be a vehicle to examine global power dynamics and
equitably engage with ideas and identities beyond one’s own place.
Educators can leverage our expertise in designing a truly beneficial travel experience that
provides the utmost value to the students, administration and in-country hosts.

In development of all of our programs we offer...

  • Ethically minded destination preparation
  • Local partner research and reciprocity strategy
  • Curriculum development that centers students’ personal and professional growth
  • Conscious itinerary planning that leaves space for reflection
  • Arranging travel logistics supplied solely by locally owned businesses
  • Providing insightful guides that properly support students and faculty in country


Documentary Media & Nonfiction Storytelling

Students learn the art and practice of documentary storytelling through a four week intensive production course. Working in collaboration with a local changemaker, student crew will produce documentary video or photography content that reveals their solutions based work.

Social Enterprise & Local Economies

Students meet and learn about the individuals and organizations that are solving chronic social
or environmental problems in their communities. Daily site visits and interviews are scheduled with local entrepreneurs, activists, educators and leaders interspersed with sustainable tourism activities.


Travelers experience a region of the world through the perspective of the people native to the land. Activities that respect and value the indigenous peoples will be the focus of the itinerary. Each day, workshops are facilitated that celebrate traditional history, art, music, food, medicine, design or ideas.

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