Wrap Report: Storytelling Expedition to Guatemala 2023

In July 2023, a group of intrepid nine storytellers embarked on a unique expedition to Guatemala. More than just a travel experience, it was a journey destined to become an odyssey into the heart of documentary storytelling. Each location, from the cobblestoned streets of Antigua to the serene waters of Lake Atitlan, served as a canvas for their adventure and their narratives. Organized by Actuality Abroad, with guidance on the ground by a local guide from Etnica Travel, this undertaking was not just about documenting important stories. It was about immersion, understanding, and the pursuit of authentic narratives that resonate with the soul of the places and people they encountered.

Wrap Report: Documentary Outreach to Guatemala 2023

In San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, June ushered in high hopes. Summer tourists flooded the small mountain town, igniting a bustling business scene. The annual town festival and a historic presidential election in June kept excitement levels soaring. Day and night, thunderous fireworks punctuated the countdown to these dual celebrations.

The rainy season was late in arriving, making for hot days, dusty, dry streets and dwindling public water reserves, underscoring the town’s delicate balance with nature.

Amidst this whirlwind, Actuality Abroad’s twenty crew members arrived, bringing cameras and curiosity, ready to document the vibrant tapestry of life, culture and change in San Juan la Laguna.

A crew of citizen storytellers listens to Rachina Boussine explain the history and purpose of Cooperative Tifouine Ameln in Tafroute, Morocco

Wrap Report: Storytelling Expedition to Morocco 2023

In a world where travel is often reduced to checking off a list of tourist destinations, we embarked on a different kind of journey. Our Storytelling Expedition to Morocco was not just about seeing the sights, but about connecting with the people and their stories.

Developed in partnership with Moroccan Social Impact Travels, a locally owned responsible tourism company, our mission was to explore rural women’s cooperatives and other responsible tourism initiatives in the country.

Wrap Report: Documentary Outreach to Cambodia 2023

In January 2023 our crew of citizen storytellers traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a four week documentary workshop. On location we collaborated with two social impact organziations, HAVEN and Anjali House to create short documentary films.


As a traveler, when you take up the mantle of a citizen storyteller, you now have a purpose to frame all of your future journeys. You can experience destinations from the perspective of the people who live there, develop relationships with remarkable humans who live differently than you, and use your travels to contribute in a useful, meaningful way.

Becoming a citizen storyteller enables deeper connection with yourself, your community, the causes you care about and the world you live in.