There are five reasons humans travel. How deep is yours?

Traveling comes pretty naturally to us humans. Whether it was due to hunting, migration, trade, conflict, curiosity; we have moved about the earth ever since we started walking on two legs. Not every person will go great distances in their lifetime, but each of us travels in some way. Why do you go far? Nowadays, you can group most of the individual reasons for travel into one of five categories. We have ranked them by increasing level of depth. Deep travel is a relatively new buzzword in tourism that aims to establish itself as threshold for meaningful journeys. It can be a […]

Are You Traveling Recklessly?

Travel is not a neutral activity. As humans move about the globe, our presence in any place has impact. If we want to consider ourselves conscious/responsible/ethical (not tourists but) travelers then good intentions are not enough. Our individual impact is what matters. If you are not aware or concerned with your individual impact then you are traveling recklessly.

There are changemakers everywhere

What we do at Actuality Abroad hinges on the existence of changemakers.

Changemakers are individuals or organizations who develop innovative and sustainable solutions to chronic social or environmental problems found in their communities. Some changemakers shift the course of human development, earning them international recognition and a permanent place in our histories. Yet, much more often, changemakers are known only in their own communities.

Slow Travel (or how to spend our time more wisely)

It’s hard to get away from always being busy. We each have responsibilities to attend to, things we want to accomplish, content we hope to consume, dreams we wish realized and a never ending list of practical tasks to get done. We get so used to feeling overwhelmed, the habit becomes hard to break. Many of us travel to escape our every day, but end up carrying the same frantic energy along with us.