Shoot. Capture. Subject. Take. Trigger.

These words are starting to feel uncomfortable.

We used to love using them. They made us feel special. These words and others are the coded language we could speak, signaling to others ‘in the business’ that we belonged.

Yet, these words are inherently violent…

A crew of citizen storytellers listens to Rachina Boussine explain the history and purpose of Cooperative Tifouine Ameln in Tafroute, Morocco

Wrap Report: Storytelling Expedition to Morocco 2023

In a world where travel is often reduced to checking off a list of tourist destinations, we embarked on a different kind of journey. Our Storytelling Expedition to Morocco was not just about seeing the sights, but about connecting with the people and their stories.

Developed in partnership with Moroccan Social Impact Travels, a locally owned responsible tourism company, our mission was to explore rural women’s cooperatives and other responsible tourism initiatives in the country.