dawn of day.
beginning the year.
making a commitment.
starting the project.

Travel with purpose : What is it about beginnings that we like so much? All these moments or milestones are steeped in future potential and are often the happiest of our lives. There is a kind of real life magic that is present at a genesis. It is called the spirit of possibility.

The spirit of possibility is the feeling of joyful anticipation at the onset of important events. Completing that course of study. Making a new friend. Landing the dream job. Growing your family. We feel excited, optimistic and alive.

As we move through life, it can seem like our opportunities for beginnings narrow. There are less fresh starts and a lot more routine. How do we continue to find the feeling of possibility as we settle into adulthood?

You could consider making a habit of learning-led travel.


having intention to learn from the people, places and practices encountered along the way

Travel with Purpose ; Each time you embark upon learning-led travels you tap into the spirit of possibility. Arriving with the curiosity of a student-of-the-world opens you to having new experiences. You consider alternate points of view and are motivated to dig deeper into what you don’t understand.

Possibility comes from uncertainty. What will you encounter? Who may you meet? How could you learn? What might this lead to? 

What might this lead to? That is a thrilling consideration.

With these kinds of intentional journeys, you can shed many of the identities you hold at home. Lean into what you love about who you are as a traveler. It is a gift to be able to to try, again. 

There is something so intoxicating about the spirit of possibility. Under its influence – you can still be anything you dream of.