Your academic days may be behind you, but don’t let that ever stop you from learning more. Mid-life (or even quarter-life) crises are a thing because humans get pretty uncomfortable when we realize we have become stagnant. Travel has long been a means for novel escape but it can also be an opportunity for regeneration. 

Even for adults, studying abroad makes for a meaningful travel experience that fuels personal growth.

Get Unstuck

There are periods in your life when you reach a plateau. You become disenchanted with adulting, you yearn for a change of scenery and an opportunity to grow. It’s not about wanting to turn your brain off, but getting a chance to use it in a different way. 

When you study abroad as an adult, you can revisit the role of a student. It is a chance to practice deep curiosity and consider everything from a new perspective. You return home not just different, but better than before.

Make The Most Of Your Time

Although the idea of a semester away is really appealing, you just don’t have that kind of time these days. Your life is full and any kind of personal trip will need to fit into a reasonable amount of vacation days. 

When you study abroad as an adult, the best learning endeavors waste no time in dropping you into a cultural immersion. The experiences are so rich your time abroad seems to last longer.

Really Get To Know A Place

What does it mean to have been somewhere? Resorts and attractions do not provide local understanding. The soul of a place is held in the stories of her people. Wisdom is found in learning how challenges are faced and successes celebrated. 

When you study abroad as an adult, you shift your relationships with locals from customer/attendant to seeker/guide. Arrive someplace new with the intention to listen deeply and you leave with a profound connection to that corner of the world.

Explore Important Ideas Together

When was the last time you had a great conversation about ideas you are interested in? Away from a dedicated learning environment, it is challenging to find the time to have real dialogue with other, thoughtful people. 

When you study abroad as an adult, you are introduced to ideas beyond your personal experience and have a community of other learning-led travelers to help you process and reflect.

Image by Andrew Neel