There is no such thing as ‘impact travel.’

Stacking dominos.


The reality is – we ALWAYS make an impact when we travel. For better or worse, our physical presence in a new place disrupts the status quo. It may be a tiny ripple. It may be a tidal wave. It may be another drop into an already cascading waterfall. But, in every destination, things will be different because we showed up.

Instead of getting caught up in the latest travel buzz words ask yourself…

What kind of impact do I want to make in this place?

On every trip that we take, we are conscious of the following:

We want the money spent to directly benefit the people that live there. 

Ex: taking the extra logistical steps to book lodgings directly with a locally owned guesthouse instead of booking platform or foreign-owned hotel


We want to support responsible tourism projects that challenge typical power dynamics and uplift the vulnerable.

Ex: participating in an Unseen tour in London which connect travelers with tour guides whose lived experience includes homelessness.


We want to honor the work of local changemakers and culturekeepers with my time, attention and resources.

Ex: avoiding the tourist bazaars with knick-knacks made in a foreign factory and signing up for a workshop with a master artisan


We want to leave behind the impression that ‘people like us’ are friendly and respectful.

Ex: having real conversations with the people I meet and doing more listening than talking


We want to inspire other travelers to choose connection over consumption.

Ex: hyping our ‘alternative’ travel experiences whenever someone asks for recommendations

What kind of impact do YOU want to make in the place you are going?

All of us are becoming increasingly aware of how problematic tourism-as-usual can be. We want to travel but we also want to do no harm. Taking a trip can also be a powerful lever for personal growth and we have a tendency for reciprocity. When we travel to someplace new and the experience changes us for the better, we are grateful. We want to ‘give back’ through travel because travel has given us so much.
All travel makes an impact, whether we are intentional about it or not. 
With a bit of effort, you can make sure that yours is a positive one.